World Environment Day – Tailz Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags | Eco Friendly | Australian Certified Compostable

World Environment Day

The theme for 2019 is Air Pollution. We've put together 3 simple, fun actions that puts a wag on everyones tail, while reducing air pollution!
1. Cold at night?
Snuggle up to your furry friend.. no need for electric blankets and hot water bottles! According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), pooches have a normal body temperature slightly higher than us humans 38.3-39.2C in fact, compared to our range of 36.1-37.2C! So we're sure your pooch won't mind trading their higher body temperature for a night on a 5cm Pillow top mattress!

2. Need Milk or Bread?
Take the dog, not the car to the shops! That extra trip walking will get that tail wagging again and keep you both healthier while reducing emissions. 

3. Using plastic bags for picking up dog poo?
Our research indicates most dog owners are using traditional plastic bags to pick up their dog poo. Consider using certified compostable dog poo bags. They feel better and you’ll feel better using them.  You’ll be using less petroleum based material and more cornstarch and PBAT which is digested by microbes and is worm safe that will condition the soil. Look out for the trusted Australian Standards AS5810 & AS4736 logos that gives you peace of mind that your paying for  quality and will actually compost! Be wary of plastic additives like EPI and Oxo Degradable dog poo bags which spread micro plastics.

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