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Eat, sleep, play & love - Your dog & cat needs discovered!

Keep your pet's health on track with help from Petzyo, Jumbo Pets, Pete Evans & Sausage Dog Central!

When it comes to our mental and physical wellbeing it seems we’re inundated with strategies to help us live our best life. Every day a new diet, wellness brand, meditation technique or exercise program hits the market and we, in our quest for a fulfilled life, lap it up. But for some reason, we don’t seem to extend this way of thinking to our animal companions.

Our pets deserve the best life we can give them. Yet too often, owners feed their animals stock standard mass-produced pet food, day in and day out, or follow the same daily play routine. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s time we step things up for our furry family members. From eating, sleeping, playing and loving – this is what your dog and cat needs to live their best pet life.

Did you know, soy is a top food allergen for dogs? Or that the high grain content of many pet foods is a primary contributor to the growing obesity and allergy problems in cats and dogs?

Despite this, grain and soy feature heavily in mass-produced pet foods so manufacturers can cut costs. Dogs and cats are designed to eat a variety of meat-based proteins. Failure to provide this can result in a myriad of health problems, including: malnutrition, skin allergies, obesity, joint problems and digestive issues. We don’t mean to scare you.

The upside is that in the wake of such revelations, the pet food industry is now paying closer attention to what we feed our pets. Many brands offering quality, natural products are starting to emerge on the market. For instance, celebrity chef Pete Evans, has launched his own brand “Healthy Everyday Pets”, which caters to both cats and dogs. His all-natural, Australian-made, grain and soy free food contains nutrient-rich ingredients like kale, lamb, kangaroo, green lipped mussels, beef, turkey and a mixture of selected herbs. Sounds pretty tasty, right?

Petzyo is another brand that offers Australian made, grain-free dog food. They champion four key values that include: environmental sustainability, better value feeding solutions, 100% natural ingredients and excellent customer service. They work via a monthly subscription plan, and with a rating of 4.5/5 stars it’s clear that customers are loving it!

If you want to learn more about what you should be feeding your pet. Check out this interactive feeding guide.

Look, we get it. Sleeping in the same bed as your dog or cat is tempting. You may think it is a great stress reliever, or just plain cute, but we must burst this bubble…sorry.

Sleeping with pets is known to cause sleep disruption. Who hasn’t been woken at the crack of dawn with a lick to the face, or a paw tapping at your forehead for food?

To guarantee a good night sleep for each of you, sleep separately. A pet bed is one of the smartest investments any owner can make; not only will you feel well-rested, your companion will too.

Now, when picking a product, we recommend choosing something that is elevated from the ground. You don’t want your dog or cat sleeping in dirt, sand or grasses as it puts them in proximity with ticks, fleas and worms. Plus, if they’re not going to be sleeping with you, you still want to ensure they are happy and comfortable.


JumboPets’ Cara Pet Elevated Trampoline Pet Bed: Long-lasting and comfortable, this trampoline-style bed is a durable, functional way to ensure your pet gets rest.

JumboPets’ Purina Petlife Lounger: Waterproof nylon and reinforced stitching makes this bed resistant to tearing…and chewing. It’s also superbly comfortable and flea-proof!

JumboPets’ Purina Petlife Orthopedic Sofa: With ultra-soft quilting and ortho foam this bed is optimised for comfort. It will also protect against odour and bacteria.

Sausage Dog Central’s Moo + Twig Snag Pack Bed: This oversized raised, pillow-style bed suits dogs of all shapes and sizes. Best of all, Sausage Dog Central sponsors rescue groups, so you can rest easy knowing you’re giving back to other in-need pooches.

JumboPets’ Pet Sofa: What little king/queen cat wouldn’t want their very own sofa? This raised bed offers comfort and security…and makes for a cute addition to your home too!

All pets, no matter if they’re a dog or cat, an indoor or outdoor animal, young or old, need a stimulating, enriching environment. Fetch, while fun can get repetitive after a while.
To keep brains healthy, they must be challenged. A puzzle feeder is a great way to engage your dog’s brain, while enabling controlled feeding.

To keep your hound safe and stimulated to and from the park during car trips you should also consider getting them a booster seat. We’re a fan of Sausage Dog Central’s Travelling Pooch Booster Seat. It consists of two adjustable leash attachments so two dogs can fit safely inside. It also has two straps that can be used around the headrest and back of the seat. This way your pooch can travel in comfort and safety, while watching the world pass by the window.

Now, when it comes to play-time with smaller dog breeds you must minimise how much they’re jumping. Whether it be on and off furniture, or just for sticks, jumping is notorious for causing joint and back problems. To minimise this damage, we suggest getting your pooch a ramp, and training them to wait to be lifted off and onto furniture. Sausage Dog Central’s DachRamp series, consists of a range of portable, handmade ramps featuring adjustable heights. It’s a much safer way for your hound to travel up and down furniture.

Finally, don’t forget to love your pet! It may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes the little guys can be easy to take for granted. Your pet will love you unconditionally, and much like a trip to Bali, their presence is a calming and grounding one in your life. So, give them lots of cuddles so they know they’re appreciated.

This article is to be used as general information and a guide only. The Tailz website makes no claims that the website is 100% accurate and suitable for your particular pet. We recommend you seek medical advice from your local vet professional.