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1 billion + single use plastic dog poop bags go to landfill every year. Let’s make it Zero!

Tailz Biodegradable dog poop bags are Australian Certified Compostable & are designed to disappear in months. Make a difference today! 


With plastic polluting our oceans and landfills, something needs to be done.

Australia has come a long way in the last couple of years in reducing single use plastic shopping bags.

Yet still today, the majority of dog poo bags sold or provided by Councils are plastic.

There is an alternative dog poop bag that's sustainable!

Our cornstarch Dog Poo Bags are independently European tested to Australia’s highest standards. Tailz dog poo bags are certified compostable for both home & industrial composting, which includes passing both the worm and plant toxicology tests!

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"The long tie handles made it easy to tie them up and dispose of. Would definitly recommend to others and will be a loyal customer!" Click to read more

Theresa C.
Pet Parent to Harry & Bella

Delivered to your door, carbon neutral & plastic free packaging!

• Sustainable

• Cornstarch blend

• Easy tie + carry handle (bags)

• Leaves no micro plastics

• Stronger, Longer, Thicker & Better

• High quality dispenser*

*included with Starter Kit, & Value Pack

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"I must say the dispenser is great! Very ergonomic! I think you thought of everything!" Click to read more

Lina V.
Pet Parent to Nico & Emilio

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"They are a must for anyone who gives a shit (again, no pun intented) about the planet and i'll be buying them again for sure!" Click to read more

Joanna G.
Pet Parent to Scooby

Look for these Australian bioplastic Association logos you can trust

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"Thank you so much for our biodegradable bags. They're such a good product and so easy to use, especially with the dispensers!" Click to read more

Amber H.
Pet Parent to Luna

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"Not only are they strong bags, but they feel superior in just about every way – they’re longer than the Council-provided poo bags - and tie easily!" Click to read more

Hans K.
Pet Parent to Ripley & Billy

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"These are a very good size too, especially for people with big dogs." Click to read more

Lina V.
Pet Parent to Nico & Emilio

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