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Great bags !

These are great bags , do the job ! Love the handles.
Only complaint is the sticker is a little too strong and always tears a hole in that first bag.

Hey Cherry!

Thanks for your review and honest feedback. We've let the manufacturer know about the sticker and we hope to have this resolved in the next order.

Thanks and have a great weekend :)

Compostable Dog Poop Bags

love these bags easy to use and with 2 dogs there is lots of poo. I recommend these

Hey Gina, thanks so much for your review :) Your support is greatly appreciated.

Fantastic product!

High quality bags which are environmentally friendly. Highly recommended!

Hi Lindy, - thank you for your review and for recommending us! The more people that switch to compostables the better. Have a great week ahead!

Love this product

I love these bags. I feel better knowing that I am using something that will break down and not harm the environment and yet these bags are strong and reliable. The holder is my FAV!!!

Hey Eliza - thanks for your review! We appreciate your support and your efforts to reduce single use plastic in the environment.

Very happy customers

Great items

Thank you, Mark!

great to help keep plastic bags out of landfill

love these bags, except they do rip a little bit when trying to open them or with the sticker on the first bag, it always rips a hole and tears the first bag wide open :(

Hi Jo, thank you for your feedback. Lets hope our Australian certified compostable bags aren't going to landfill and are being composted to enrich our nutrient deficient soils. Regarding the closing stickers tearing the outside bag a little. I apologize. It's been brought to our manufacturers attention so will be resolved in the next run. We thank you for making a sustainable choice and supporting our little Aussie company..Steve & the Tailz team

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder

Thank you, Susan!

Love these!

These bags are fabulous! Easy to pull apart, and to open-dont need to lick your fingers to get them open, great news when wearing a mask. They are also larger/taller than the usual toxic plastic ones, so lots of room to tie off. Will definitely keep buying these.

Hey Jodie - thanks for your great review!

3Dogs & Tailz

I like Tailz compostable poo bags.
A. dispensing bag with the Velcro makes it easy to hang in a convenient location
B. handles makes for safe closure

Hello Ann - Thanks for your review. Have a great week!


Great carry holder for bags

Hi Lindsay, really appreciate the feedback and support for the mission and our small Aussie purpose driven ecomm business. cheers Steve & the Tailz team


Feel better knowing the poop in the bag will break down and not sit on landfill for years. Great little bag holder fits snug on my leash.

Hi Cindi, thank you for your feedback and support for the single use plastic mission!
Every bit make a difference and a community like this Tailz Family is defiantly leading the charge! Much appreciated Steve & the Tailz Team.

Refill pack

These bags are brilliant as well as the little carry bag I have mine on the handle of dog lead and it fits perfectly and is not in the way. Bags are a generous size should you have a bigger dog. They have handles so you can tie it up after collection without smelling anything

Hi Shirley, really appreciate the 5 star review and feedback! It means a lot to us to hear from eco dog lovers like yourself, especially that your chuffed so far with our bags and products..Thank you for your support.. Steve & the Tailz team

Great Value pack

Great starter pack with a sturdy Bag holder and enough compostable bags to last for months, no more searching supermarket shelves for environmentally friendly bags. Quick delivery too!

Hi Vicki, really appreciate the feedback! It's eco dog lovers like yourself that really drive sustainability and keeps us doing what we are doing.. Great to see the delivery was on time. Go Aust Post! They are doing the best they can in these tough times.. Cheers Steve and the Tailz team

Brilliant product - love that it's compostable

Great product - the dispenser is really handy and the bags are large and durable which is great considering they are compostable. Thank you!

Hi Bryony, love that you love our bags and the dispenser! Cheers for choosing sustainability and Tailz ! Steve & the Tailz family..

Starter Pack

Received my compostable Poop Bags Starter Pack and bag holder very quickly
The bags are great and having the bag holder to attach to my lead just makes it so much easier to grab and go.
Very happy with my purchase and will be a return customer for sure.
Thanks Tails team ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜„

Hi Rhonda, thank you for your feedback. Its great to know that Australia Post is still managing to get deliveries on time during these Covid times. Its very satisfying to know your happy with your product and will be part of the Tailz family and its journey. much appreciated Steve and the Tailz Family

Dog poop bags

Great size and strong bag to clip onto dog really nice

Hi Lydia, love your loving the bags and dispensers.. cheers for the support to the environment and the Tailz family..

They are great

Hi Dianne, thank you for the 5 star review and appreciate your support. Steve & and the Tailz team.

Great bags

I have a cattle dog whose poos aren't crazy big but he likes to poo often when we are out (average 3 times, up to 5 times!!!). These bags are big, thick, have handles and are leakproof, and easy to open. The bag holder is great on the lead. The only thing I would suggest is maybe a reminder when you have say 2 bags to go - have been caught short on walks a couple of times getting to the end of the roll, needing a bag and oops run out.

hi Jane, thank you for your feedback! So you have a superpooper:-)! Great to hear our Tailz bags are making a hard job easier for you. Like your idea about the low bag alert we have had something similar in mind. but hard to put in the manufacturing process. We thought it would be easier to put a little pocket inside the dispenser for the 'emergency bag'. Check it out and tell us if it comes in handy.. Shouldnt have to get caught short now..YaY..Thanks for your support and being sustainable.. Steve & the Tailz team

Refill Pack 180 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles

Hi Elaine, thank you for your 5 stars! Great to know your happy! Cheers Steve & the Tailz team..

Repeat customer

I love these bags and the dispenser attachment. Ensure we always have bags on hand. Big, strong and environmentally friendly.

Hi Rachel, love your review and that your digging the bags and dispenser! If your not already using the emergency bag pocket inside, maybe worth scrunching one up and storing it just incase :-) cheers for supporting the environment and our little Aussie business..Steve & the Tailz team

Great Product- Recommended

Love the extra feature to have emergency bag sleeve in the holder. The holder itself is larger than other holders.

Hi Shane, thank you for your feedback.. Great to see your using the emergency bag pocket! :-) cheers Steve

Great bags

Great bags. Highly recommend. Wonโ€™t use anything else now

Hi Kylie, thank you for your feedback and great to hear your happy with our bags. Appreciate your support and leading in sustainability! Steve & the Tailz team

Good quality

Very happy with the product. Would recommend. Just make sure you buy the dispenser as the bags didnโ€™t fit into our existing dispenser.

Hi Claire, great to hear your happy with the bags and dispenser. Good tip about picking up our handy dispenser as our rolls are thicker because our bags are alsol. Thank you for supporting the environment and our small Aussie business! Steve & the Tailz team

Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder

As a dog walker I use lots of poop bags daily so itโ€™s good to know that Iโ€™m doing something good by using Tailz compostable bags. They are a great size too.

Hi Maxine, thank you for your feedback.. Wow being a dog walker im sure your doing a lot of 'downward dog' positions each day. :-). We have the 36 roll Dog Walker Pro Packs for Professionals like yourself maybe check them out? Great to hear your you happy with the size of the bags and your part of the eco dog loving team! Thanks for making a difference.. Steve & the Tailz Team

Love them

Such good bags. They hold a heck of a lot too. Fantastic quality, none have ripped or broken. Accidentally got on bag stuck in a fence while trying to lob it over it & it stayed intact the whole time ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hey Megan! Haha! We didn't add being caught on the fence to the strength tests but it looks like we're ok there too :) Thanks for your review, it gave us a chuckle!