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Feeling Good!!

Pup feels good doing her business and humans feel good about being ECO!!
I have spent hours trawling through the internet to find a great environmentally positive plastic alternative to reduce our environmental impact for our new family member and when I came across Tailz for doggie poop bags that HAVE handles I couldn't be happier. Our rubbish bags have handles so poop bags should come with handles naturally. It's great that we can hang a used poop bag on the back door to remind us to take it out to the outdoor bin.
The bags are durable (caveat sharp puppy teeth) and we never have issues ripping a new bag from the dispenser. The only thing is that the bag can feel a bit unusual to touch as it has a slight film, but it comes off easily when you wash your hands. My last complaint is that puppy thinks that they are an amazing chew toy when they poke out of the dispenser.
This adorable fluff ball is waiting on new stock to come in and definitely will be needing a restock soon! <3

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
Allan Paterson
Very handy

These bags are great easy to get from pouch and super easy to open I will be buying them again.

Great value, quality and with wonderful handles

I greatly recommend this product. It is of excellent quality and biodegradable.

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
Kellee Foley

Very happy with the quality

I love the handles
Having a 72kg puppy
We need a strong bag and these bags are fantastic , and being good for the environment
It’s all paws up here

Luxurious poo bags

These bags are great and fast delivery too.
They just feel nice in your hand as you pick up that poo.
A poem about a poo bag 2022.

Hi Skye, love the poem and 'Luxurious' poo bags...i do think they feel silky compared to the plastic bags for sure. Really appreciate your support and creativity. Steve & the Tailz team

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
Fay Ross
Poop bag & Holder

Good product, would buy again

Hi Fay!

Thank you for leaving your review. Much appreciated - have a great week!

Long wait

I haven’t received them yet.
Really poor delivery time

Hi Chris, apologies on behalf of Australia Post that you haven't received your order. I understand they have staffing issues at this point but it is unacceptable. Please let us chase your order up tomorrow morning and try and get some info for you? We will be intouch.. Kind regards Steve and the Tailz team.

Large colourful easy

Just what my husband needed and wanted. Ticks all our boxes for size and convenience.

Thank you, Dominique! - That's great to hear!

Great Value

Good quality and value for money. I first ordered the starter pack and have followed up with second refill order.
No mess and no fuss, just what you need with dog poop bags!!!

Hey Karina,

That's amazing thank you for the feedback!

Super dooper pooper bags

These are really great; bigger & tougher than the local council ones. Big dogs do big jobs so big bags are better. Pick them up without “feeling” the poop through the back; no tears or leaks either. 10/10!! Great delivery, great price & great for the environment!!!

Thank you Victoria!

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
Paula Brien
Fantastic Bags and holder

Great bags, good size, sturdy, good handles for tying, and the dispenser attaching to the lead or harness just makes everything easy 🙂 I'm ordering more, so that's the best feedback 👍

Thank you Paula!

Excellent Product

Value for money, l share with friends and let them know there are better options out there. 🙂

Thank you!

Too big

Brilliant bags but just too big. Would have be been if able to get small bags

Thanks Melinda for your feedback. We will note this down :)

Best bags!

We have tried lots of different brands but keep coming back to Tailz as they are consistent, never break and their delivery is speedy!

Thank you Joanna!

Poop bags

I’m loving these. Good size and always at hand on a walk with holder in the lead. I’ll be ordering again!

Thank you Barrie!

The best compostable doggy poop bag and holder I've used

The poop bags are strong and sturdy with handles for easy tying. The bag dispenser is great to use and of much better quality than similar ones I've used in the past.

Hi Carmen, thanks for taking the time to review and share your feedback. Great to hear your happy with our bags and holder. If you need support at anytime please feel free to get in contact at for the support in the single plastic mission! Happy New Year! Steve and the Tailz team..


They are very good, easy to separate & very flexible.

Hi Christine, thanks so much for your review and great to see your happy with your choice. Happy Festive season! Steve & the Tailz team..

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
fiona Berman
Great Find!

7 years with medium/ large sogs and I am so glad to have found these. The bag holder is 10 out of 10. The bags are easy to use and handles are a must for us! I would like them to be a like thicker, I get a bit nervous they might split but have not done that.

Hi Fiona, thank you for your feedback and rating! Great to hear your happy with our bags.. Our bags are thicker that most compostables bags on the market including the ones you find provided by Councils. But I get it, it's a tough, tricky, risky job picking up those nuggets and can be scary if the bags break..If for whatever reason you have a problem please contact and we will help you out. Thank you for your support! Steve & the Tailz team

Compostable Dog Bags

These are great bags to use. Great size, strong and good to know they aren’t going to hang around in landfill forever. Quick delivery.

Thank you, Linda!

super product . super fast delivery

Thank you, Fiona!

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
Anne Stone
Great product

Well made and love the fact they are big degradable. They are thick too which helps when picking up.

Thank you, Anne!

Great dog poo bags, a good size and strength

They do teh job well

Thank you, Kerri!

Starter Pack 75 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles and Dog Poop Bag Holder
Robyn Reed

The bags are great, strong, easy to open, a good size and easy to tie. The holder is sturdy and very well designed. I really care about the environment and I'm so happy to have found this environmentally friendly solution to picking up after my dog when we are out for a walk.

Thank you so much, Robyn!

Compostable poo bags

Bought the big pack. 3 off us share them, we love that they’re compostable. They certainly do the job well. Quick delivery too!!

Thank you, Bev!