About our dispenser – Tailz Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags | Eco Friendly | Australian Certified Compostable

About our dispenser

Our Tailz dispenser is CUTE, EASY TO USE, and it protects your bags from the weather. No more plastic bags, empty park dispensers, 'christmas tree' dog leads or litter.

With our Tailz dispenser you will:
  • Never forget your bags
  • Always have an emergency spare bag
  • Avoid accidental littering


The dispenser for our compostable dog poo bags features a weather protection material to protect the bags and a velcro strap or spring open clip to attach to your lead.

If you already have a dispenser that you will be using, could you please check that it will fit our rolls that have a maximum length of 65mm and diameter of 43mm.

The Tailz dispenser comes included with our Starter Kit and Value Pack!