Tailz Dog Walker Pro - 540 Compostable Eco Friendly Dog Poo Bags – Tailz Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags | Eco Friendly | Australian Certified Compostable
Dog Walker Pro 540 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles
Dog Walker Pro 540 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles

Dog Walker Pro 540 Compostable Dog Poop Bags with Handles

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"Brilliant service, brilliant product, great price! Thanks so much for such an outstanding product! Love the handy little bag too! Thanks again!" Tammy, via Trustpilot
This customized bundle is the equivalent of 3 Refill boxes and is catered to dog walkers or people who require more bags, more often.

All our bags have easy tie handles and are made using a special cornstarch blend, so they're strong, long, and 100% compostable.*

By purchasing these over traditional plastic dog bags, you will be joining a global movement that is proudly reducing the use of single-use plastic!

*Our guarantee applies to Tailz Compostable Bags that are used within 12 months of purchase. To maximise longevity, please store your compostable bags in a cool dark location.

**These bulk bag offers are for big furry families, super poopers and commercial outlets. These bags do really break down into natural elements and their money-back guarantee will expire 12 months after purchase. So please choose the right quantity for your furry needs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lindy Knell
Fantastic product!

High quality bags which are environmentally friendly. Highly recommended!

Hi Lindy, - thank you for your review and for recommending us! The more people that switch to compostables the better. Have a great week ahead!

Repeat customer

I love these bags and the dispenser attachment. Ensure we always have bags on hand. Big, strong and environmentally friendly.

Hi Rachel, love your review and that your digging the bags and dispenser! If your not already using the emergency bag pocket inside, maybe worth scrunching one up and storing it just incase :-) cheers for supporting the environment and our little Aussie business..Steve & the Tailz team

Having handles is wonderful.

Not all compostable dog poo bags have handles which makes them very inconvenient to carry prior to disposal. The fact that Tailz biodegradable dog poo bags have handles makes them a much more attractive proposition to buy and to use.

Thank you Marilyn for your review. We are so happy to read that we've made the bags that suit your needs. We appreciate your efforts to switch to compostables. Have a great week :)

Rory Kirkpatrick
poo bags

great poo bags!

Thanks for choosing Tailz, Rory!

Toni Clarke
Compostable bags

Fantastic service and product. Love the accompanying carry bag.

Hi Toni, we're so happy you're satisfied with Tailz Thanks for your review :)