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Customer Reviews

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"I purchased Tailz premium compostable dog waste bags because I wanted to find a more environmentally friendly option for picking up my dog waste while out on walks. I had doubts because previous products like this I have tried always seemed to tear and weren't very durable. Using these bags I found there was no tears and they're just as durable as any plastic bag i have used. The long tie handles made it easy to tie them up and dispose of. Would definitely recommend to others and will be a loyal customer." 
Theresa C.
Pet Parent to Harry & Bella

I used the bags and I really liked them! I have tried other ones and are so thin you think you are picking the poo with your bear hands! They are very good size too especially for people with big dogs. 
I hooked the dispenser on the lead. I had to pick up a couple of poos on my walk and I must say ‘the dispenser is great! Very ergonomic! I think you’ve thought of everything." 
Lina V.
Pet Parent to Nico & Emilio

I was keen to try the bags but being relatively skint I wasn’t sure if the $$ was worth it.  Turns out it is because they shit all over the free ones at the park (no pun intended) and I love how easy they are to tie up afterwards.  I like that they’re proper environmentally friendly (unlike the free ones) and that the size is big enough for the biggest dump my tank of a Mastiff is capable of (trust me, he’s pushed the capacity of the park bags before).  They’re a must for anyone who gives a shit (again, no pun intended) about planet and I’ll be buying them again for sure!  Thanks!
Joanna G.
Pet Parent to Scooby 

Thank you so much for our biodegradable bags. They're such a good product and so easy to use, especially with the dispensers!
Amber H.
Pet Parent to Luna 
"Not only are they strong bags, but they feel superior in just about every way – they’re longer than the Council-provided poo bags and tie easily"
Hans K.
Pet Parent to Ripley & Billy

Mum is always getting new bags so it’s my turn! Plastic free and Envo friendly 🥳 thanks, Tailz!
Ella W.
Pet Parent to Penny